• SANTA CRUZ T-shirt Tiki Dot Unisex - Turquoise (SCA-TEE-7478)
  • SANTA CRUZ T-shirt Tiki Dot Unisex - Turquoise (SCA-TEE-7478)
  • SANTA CRUZ T-shirt Tiki Dot Unisex - Turquoise (SCA-TEE-7478)
SANTA CRUZ T-shirt Tiki Dot Unisex - Turquoise (SCA-TEE-7478)


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The SANTA CRUZ T-shirt Tiki Dot (SCA-TEE-7478), is a UNISEX t-shirt in Turquoise colour in a comfortable line. It is considered one of the most modern and classic designs of the company's collection but also one of the most popular. It is made of 100% organic cotton, as a result of which it gives a unique feeling of softness and comfort, while no harmful substances for the environment were used for its construction. The SANTA CRUZ Tiki Dot T-shirt can be worn all hours of the day, on a simple daily walk or even on a more night out, while it has a print on the back in yellow, contrasting with the t-shirt, but making it even more impressive and interesting. It is a choice that will definitely not go unnoticed, while it can easily take off your casual-street style. Combines with both your favorite jean and fabric pants, but also with Bermuda shorts for more summer looks.


- Comfortable line

- Composition: 100% Organic Cotton, 210gr. Jersey

- Short sleeves

- Round neckline with rib weave

- SANTA CRUZ print on the back and front of the chest

- Colour: Turquoise



Santa Cruz is one of the first and most successful brands on the skate community. It was founded on the early 1970’s, in Santa Cruz, California by three friends: Richard Novak, Doug Haut & Jay Shuirman. The initial name of the company was NHS Inc. (Novak, Haunt, Shuirman), and it was operating a “raw materials” business in Santa Cruz, California that supplied the materials used to create surfboards. Following a particularly negative business interaction with an unpaying customer, they received what we could now consider a “historic” phone call from McCully’s Bike Shop in Hawaii. The shop requested that NHS create and produce an order of 500 skateboards. They accepted the order and it was in 1973 that Santa Cruz Skateboards was officially born. While the 1970’s could be regarded as a successful period in Santa Cruz history, the skateboarding industry met it’s first real “downfall” in the early 1980’s. In addition to founder Jay Shuirman passing away due to Leukemia, the current skateboarding magazines went out of business, skateparks closed, and overall participation in skateboarding dropped so the brand faced its’ first crisis. But, it managed to rise again from its’ ashes, with the addition of freelance artist Jim Phillips to the team. Last but not least, Santa Cruz has been one of the ancestors in the dissemination of the skate culture by designing not only hard wear material but also fashion pieces with unique aesthetic and quality!

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