• KAPPA Fleece Pants Authentic Hike Fili Unisex - Black (33113GW-005)
  • KAPPA Fleece Pants Authentic Hike Fili Unisex - Black (33113GW-005)
  • KAPPA Fleece Pants Authentic Hike Fili Unisex - Black (33113GW-005)
KAPPA Fleece Pants Authentic Hike Fili Unisex - Black (33113GW-005)

Brand: KAPPA

Product code: 33113GW-005

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The KAPPA Fleece Pants Authentic Hike Fili (33113GW-005), is considered one of the most fluffy designs in sweatshirts - pants of the collection with regular line and in black color. It is made of 100% polyester, thus offering a feeling of warmth and comfort, while in various parts there are pieces in nylon texture. The difference with other sweatshirts is that it closes with a zipper and a button as if it were regular pants, which gives it a different style and makes it more modern. It has two side pockets, where one of them has the KAPPA logo printed on tape, while the design of the back pocket that closes with a sticker is also impressive. It is a very special piece that must be present in every collection and that will definitely catch the eye, since it can easily take off the outfit and any casual look. Combine easily with sweatshirts and t-shirts.


- Regular fit

- Composition: 100% polyester

- Sweatshirt - fleece pants

- Front closure with zipper and button with the KAPPA mark

- Rubber in the middle for comfort

- Back pocket with sticker

- Side pockets with the left bearing the brand logo

- Elastic cuffs at the ends of the foot

- Colour: Black



The Italian company Kappa manufactures designs and manufactures sports and lifestyle clothing, shoes and accessories. The company logo shows a couple of people sitting back looking to show that Kappa products are for both men and women.

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