• KARL KANI Baseball Shirt Varsity Block Women - Red - Rose - Dark Mint (KW213-087-1)
  • KARL KANI Baseball Shirt Varsity Block Women - Red - Rose - Dark Mint (KW213-087-1)
  • KARL KANI Baseball Shirt Varsity Block Women - Red - Rose - Dark Mint (KW213-087-1)
KARL KANI Baseball Shirt Varsity Block Women - Red - Rose - Dark Mint (KW213-087-1)


Product code: KW213-087-1

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The KARL KANI Baseball Shirt Varsity Block (KW213-087-1), is a colorful women's shirt in baseball style. Its composition is made of 100% polyester, resulting in a feeling of softness and comfort, while it is characterized by its durability in relation to other materials that are destroyed by frequent washing. This perforated shirt can accompany you mainly for more comfortable appearances, either in activities or in a simple daily walk, creating a special casual style. It is a very special piece that everyone would like in their collection, as it can take off the outfit, but also your every appearance. Combines easily with both jeans and overalls.


- Fit: Regular 

- Composition: 100% polyester

- Closure with buttons along the entire length

- Short sleeves

- Embroidered KARL KANI logo on the chest

- Colour: Red - Rose - Dark Mint 



Karl Kani has truly gone from rags to riches. Known as the God Father of Urban Wear, he now finds himself looking over the billion dollar industry that he inspired. He is a visionary of many first…the first to develop the baggy jean concept, the first urban fashion company to employ an all-black sales force, and the first designer to host a fashion show at the White House during President Bill Clinton's term.

Growing up in Brooklyn Kani's style was inspired by Hip-Hop and street culture; apparel in this aesthetic was nowhere to be found. Without adequate clothing options, 16-year old Williams decided to make his own clothes. Friends and strangers took notice of his unique threads, and Williams soon began taking orders. He yearned to take this hobby to the next level and would ask himself the question, “Can I do it?” With more and more demand from the public for his wares, he gained the confidence to move forward. He eventually answered that incessant question, “Yes I can,” and committed himself to the challenge by legally changing his name to Karl Kani. In 1989, under his new moniker, he moved to Los Angeles to pursue this passion more seriously.

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