Wasted Paris is a young, independent skating brand, that captures the imagination of millennial and gen z consumers. It was founded on 2012, by two friends, Johann and Fang, who brought together their passion for fashion, photography and 90’s musical movements, such as shoegazing, britpop and indie rock. The founders met in 2008, with one coming from a fashion background and the other skate, and they decided to unite their powers and influences in order to build a strong, fashion community that would put Parisian skate culture on the map. And fortunately, they did! Besides just apparel, Wasted have their own skate team which fuels the authenticity behind their brand purpose. If you belong to gen z or you’re just a skate lover, you will get addicted with Wasted Paris, not only for the unrivaled products but also for the fascination with urbanism, globalization and a strong desire to help young skaters fit in to the scene whilst keeping their individuality!

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