Bakagiannis Premium Store

The e-shop is the online development of our natural Bakagiannis Premium Jeans Store which has been based in the city center of Ioannina since 1981 and you are active in men's and women's clothing, footwear and accessories. The last 6 years have seen tremendous growth with shipments all over Greece and abroad, mainly America and Europe, and this is something that is our customer service excellence, coupled with the collaboration of branded and of course authentic products at the perfect price.

Top Brands

The physical store is a landmark of the city, in the Denim part and in general in casual fashion. Since 1981 we have been cooperating with leading denim companies such as Levis, Lee, Staff jean, Wrangler etc. Also companies in the segment of top apparel and accessories such as Cayler & Sons, Homeboy, Alpha Industries, Herschel etc., which add a style of Street Fashion culture to whatever you directly associate with our Sneaker segment in a wide variety.

Wide Variety

In recent years Sneaker has gained its own ground within our store with constantly rising trends. Companies like Adidas, Vans, Converse, Puma, Fred Perry etc. guarantee the perfect quality at the ideal price for the buyer. The wide variety of our products as well as the frequent renewal of our collection throughout the season, gives a huge potential of traffic and options both in our physical store and in our e-shop.


Passionately leading, insisting on quality and leading the high level of service our company is one of the leading and well-known companies in the field of Pan-Hellenic, something that is confirmed by the trust that our customers show us all these years. Finally, our steady partnerships over the years with our corporate representatives build an extra level of credibility for our customers and our suppliers.